Supporting partners

International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) members

ACHMEA (The Netherlands)

FMG (New Zealand)

IPB (Ireland)

P&V (Belgium)

Seguros Unimed (Brazil)


UAAM/VOOV (Belgium)

We Effect (Sweden)

American Agriculture (USA)

Folksam (Sweden)

CO・OP Kyosai

QBE Re (Belgium)

The Co-operators (Canada)

Unipol (Italy)

Zenkyoren (Japan)

CARD MRI (The Philippines)

Group VYV (France)

Kokumin Kyosai coop (Japan)

San Cristobal (Argentina)

Thrivent (USA)

Unive Dichtbj (Netherlands)

DEVK (Germany)

Insurance Institute of India (India)

LB Group (Denmark)

Sancor Seguros (Argentina)

Tuw Tuw (Poland)

UNMI (France)


Canadian Association Of Mutual Insurance Companies (CAMIC) members

Dufferin Mutual

Portage Mutual

Wawanesa Insurance

Farm Mutual Re

Saskatchewan Mutual

Halwell Mutual

Stanley Mutual

PEI Mutual

Trillium Mutual

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