Mrs Aatheeswari claimed INR 20,000 after her husband’s death

Country: India

Mrs Aatheeswari resides in the Southern Indian city of Madurai. Around a third of the city’s population reside in slums.

Mrs Aatheeswari’s 73-year-old husband recently fell down a flight of stairs. He was very badly hurt and left speechless as a result of his injuries. Ms Aatheeswari’s son paid the healthcare costs of INR 50,000 (USD 700) for her husband’s treatment, yet sadly he later died.

Because Ms Aatheeswari’s husband was insured with a life microinsurance policy through the DHAN Foundation, she received a claim payment of INR 20,000 (USD 280) after her husband’s death which she shared with her son.

Mrs Aatheeswari belongs to Sellur Vattara Kallanjam, a local women’s self-help group in Madurai formed through the DHAN Foundation. She purchased insurance and made this claim through her Kallanjam membership.

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