“Microinsurance was a huge help” says Gilda Susa

Association/company: CARE MBA
Country: The Philippines

Ms Gilda Susa is a 51-year-old fish vendor at the local palengke (market) in Brgy Boboin in Real, Quezon (the Philippines). She gathers freshly caught fish from the docks each day and sells what she can. She joined CARE MBA as a member in 2017.

Gilda was able to claim PHP 15,000 (USD 290) when her husband, Dionisio Susa who worked as a farmer, died in October 2018 due to heart complications caused by diabetes. “Microinsurance was a huge help”, she said. The claim she received was not only able to cover the costs of death and burial, but the excess was also used to cover payment for debts and for repair work on their house.

She also explained that the process of signing up for microinsurance was easy: “You only have to fill in a form and then pay a low premium regularly”.

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