DHAN policyholder receives affordable healthcare treatment

Association/company: DHAN Foundation
Country: India

One woman describes how she was able to gain access to the healthcare services she desperately needed, thanks to her microinsurance policy with the DHAN Foundation.

“Greetings! I was the leader of the Veerakaran Kalanjiam women’s self-help group federation for five years. We are farmers. I was having frequent stomach pains so I went to the hospital. They checked my blood pressure and I was advised to have a scan to diagnose the problem. I was told there was a tumour in my uterus, and was advised to have it operated on. I said that we are poor farmers and can’t afford this. They asked whether I had any health insurance. I said “Yes madam we pay INR 450 (6 USD) every year”.

“I spoke to SUHAM Hospital (which is run by self-help group federations) and was told that there was no need to pay any money in advance. My husband asked me: “How did you get admitted without money”. I told him that I have been enrolled in health insurance and have been paying the premium every year. I was admitted to hospital on the Wednesday and was operated on the Thursday at 1.00pm. I recovered well and returned home after 11 days of treatment in the hospital.”

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