Both Mrs Rakku’s husband and daughter receive healthcare treatment (India)

Country: India

Mrs Rakku resides in Madurai (Southern India). She is the Vice-President of Sellur Vattara Kallanjam, a women’s self-help group formed through the DHAN Foundation (India).

Through her membership of this self-help group, Mrs Rakku has enrolled both herself and her family in the DHAN Foundation’s health and life microinsurance schemes.

Mrs Rakku’s husband recently had a cataract in his eye, which was operated on. Her daughter also recently fell ill with typhoid. Fortunately, she was able to make a claim for both her husband and daughter’s medical treatment through her microinsurance policy.

Mrs Rakku explains that the DHAN Foundation staff who work at her self-help group (the Kallanjam) were really helpful with helping her process the required documentation and bills

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